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MICE-Contact.com has provided services for most major hotel chains, airlines, tour operators, meeting planners, corporate and association opinion leaders, group travel buyers, governmental and corporate buyers, DMC's, PCO's and PR agencies in 182 countries.

MICE-Contact serving highly fragmented information-needs of professionals in the meeting industry. The online magazine is used as an industry-wide PR and media platform which delivers contents to professionals throughout various segments within the value-chain of the international MICE industry.

The testimonials below come from all over the world and reflect only some of the people who have chosen to write to us about our services.




Just signed up because I'm very enthusiastic to see your pages....you created a wonderful virtual meeting place for all the MICE-people of the world! Thanks and congratulations! Klara Strompf Director MICE & Strategic Partner, Ungarisches Tourismusamt, Hungarian Tourist Board Division D/A/CH/FL, Frankfurt/Germany

Thank you for the great newsletters. You always seem to hit on the right topics and it sure makes my job much easier. Paula Ewing , Marketing Director, Crown Event, Australia

Congrats on a great publication "It's easy to read and highly informative" definitely one of the best in our industry! Mark Payne, Marketing & Sales, Odyssey Incentives, UK

MICE-Contact.com is an outstanding resource for marketing pros and novices. Your articles and tutorials are clear and concise. The marketing tools are very helpful. Thank you! Deborah Roberts, VP, Marketing, ActiveEvents, New York, USA

MICE-Contact has done an excellent job for us this year and made all the tedious mail work look very easy. We really appreciate your efforts. Philippe Gates, Marketing Service Manager, Arabian Travel - U.A.E

MICE-Contact have consistently provided the highest levels of service and understanding of our business and objectives. Great price, great service,great response to sales volume! B. Harris, Marketing Manager, Indochina Tours, Singapore

Just went to the website. WOW, it looks great! Great Job... I like it! Stece Baynard, Glaxo Wellcome UK

Thank you very much for your regular email issues. They are informative and we always look forward to receiving them. Nick Becker, Marketing Manager, World of TUI

Great website! Judith Brooks - Pfizer USA

Your web site is really good, I shall be using it a lot more in the future. Simon Smith - Horizons Hospitality

I just wanted to say that your directory is an invaluable resource when looking for a new Travel Supplier, I always go straight to your website and get a quick and informative response from all the companies that you represent. Franca Randell - Global Conference Management Ltd

Dear MICE-Team, Just a bit of feedback. I think this is one of the most informative and professional DMC communications I see (and I see a lot!). Many thanks. Phil Osman, Harrah Associates

MICE-Contact.com provides an invaluable opportunity to network with travel industry marketing professionals, and is a great way to share ideas and gain new insight into your own marketing programs. Claude Chopinet, EBG International, France

Congratulations to a very successful web site. Paul Gallagher, JJ, UK

The benefits of having a professional looking and functioning web site are immeasurable for businesses in todays economy. Tom Mayhew, NCHotelgroup

A fabulous, energetic and innovative team. Well done for all your hard work. Margie Collin, British Airways

Thank you for the great newsletters. We kindly appreciate your fresh updates!
David Monsó - Extravaganza Incentivegroup Spain

We are very happy with the results from the marketing tools designed by MICE-Contact. The tools have dramatically increased targeted web traffic. I would highly recommend MICE-Contact Marketing. Walther Hemming, Sales & Marketing, Corporate Travel Service, Southafrica

It's always a pleasure doing business with a company that exceeds your initial expectations. Thanks again to MICE-Contact. Marcel Bessier , DeLuxe Travel, Paris, France

Congratulations! The site does look and flow great. Laurie Sheppard, Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals

MICE-Contact are working with us successfully to raise our company profile through a range of marketing Services, including PR and mail shotdevelopment. We are delighted with the results to date and look forward tofurther successes. Rick Ferguson, Adventure Travel, Ottawa

I would like to thank you for all your help and do appreciate you for all your work. Tom Chorney, Marketing Director, Gold Moore Travel, Kentucky

I just want to thank MICE-Contact for your help. The B2B mailing was a big success! We are receiving requests from readers to be added to our mailinglist. Ben Malnoue,, Director of Marketing - Middle East

When we wanted to find a cost-efficient way for our Partners to generate advertising revenue - without hesitation we turned to MICE-Contact. Theyhave gone beyond simply trying to sell ad spaces to building long-term,profitable relationships with advertisers for our Partners. Michael Grady, Group Chief Executive, FTG International, France

I would like to thank for your professionalism and for being an excellent partner. Renzo Passolini, CONCEPT DIMENSION, Italy

Thanks again to the MICE-Contact Team for all that you are doing on behalf of my business and clients! Really appreciate all that you are doing. Keep up the good work. Cathie Wardell, PR Manager

A very professional company with the personal touch. The MICE-Contact team show integrity and professionalism - it's a pleasure. Always there to help. Catherine Debakey, Executive Marketing, APC Tours & Travel, San Francisco USA

We have bee extremly impressed by the quality and professionalism of the MICE-Contact team. The marketing tools on MICE-Contact make our business very successful. Thank you. Marc Conner, Travel Marketing Australia, PR Manager, Melbourne

I am normally quite critical, but the service is almost perfect. Well done MICE-Contact. E. Griffiths, Managing Director, EBG International, France

A very useful tool for all professionals who need to keep an up-to-date eye on the MICE-industry. Linda Reis, Reis Travel Solution, Los Angeles, CA

It can make our business successful! Thank you for your support! BenjaminWalther, Marketing Director, Richmond, BC, Canada

Many thanks for your excellent cooperation any time. Shirley Michaelis, Thomas Cook, Canada

Very informative.Lots of good informations and helpful marketing tools. Naser Saffar, Kuwait

The worldwide mailing activities with MICE-Contact have been extremely successful for us. We can wholeheartedly recommend the marketing tools available on MICE-Contact. Petra Semik, Projektleiterin, Chef de projet, Maison de la France Deutschland, The French Convention Bureau

It really is nice to get the headline news on my desktop. With all warm wishes from Singapore. Terry Wang, Mandarin, Singapore

One of the best newsletter in the travel industry. MICE-Contact make a good job. Leon Bishop, Vice Chairman, Hongkong

MICE-Contact provides very informative news from all over the world. Very professional. Richard Stone, Research Manager, Stone Travel, California, USA

Great marketing tools for us! Betty Dennis, Brooks International Travel, NY, USA

Very useful in my work. Rosemarie Wilson, Managing Director, Wilson Travel, Capetown, Southafrica

Your e-marketing tools are very helpful for our business. Jenifer Philips, Director Marketing & Communications, Brisbaine

I visited MICE-Contact the other day and was very impressed with the design and quality of the content. With such an interesting web site, I do hope that this venture goes from strength to strength. And the newsletter is looking splendid and is very informative. Susan Moris, Managing Director, Destination Hawaii Islands, Honolulu




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Fact Sheet, August 2015

Website traffic global distribution (187 countries)

Europe / UK (including Eastern Europe and Russia): 46% of page views
Asia / Australia (including China and India): 28.0% of page views
USA / Canada / Mexico / Latin America: 9% of page views
Middle East / Africa: 11% of page views
Other Countries: 6% of page views


Newsletter “MICE Business Travel News”

Readers by Geographic Regions:

Europe: 42%
Eastern Europe: 13%
Asia-Pacific: 12%
USA: 4%
Germany: 12%
Middle East: 4%
Africa: 2%
Russia: 2%
Australien: 2%
China: 3%
Other: 4%


Readers by Sectors:

MICE & Meeting Planners: 31%
Executives & Decision Makers / Industry: 27%
Travel Agencies: 18%
Marketing/PR: 5%
Journalists: 4%
DMC's: 4%
PCO's: 2%
Hotels: 3%
Int. Associations: 2%
Airlines: 1%
Other: 3%