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Interview: Director of business development, Finns Bali, Kelly Sturgeon

Sep 02, 2017

Finns Bali is reshaping Indonesia’s leisure portfolio with incomparable venues and beach clubs. Speaking exclusively to Tatiana Tsierkezou, director of business development, Finns Bali, Kelly Sturgeon shares the company’s very latest news and much, much more.

TTG: What’s new with Finns Bali?
Our biggest achievement over the past year has been the opening of Finns Beach Club, which stands on the beachfront in Canggu, Bali. We have also rebranded our company so that everything comes under the Finns brand, which has become recognised for providing quality entertainment venues in Bali.

We also appointed a full-time community manager so we can provide greater assistance to environmental and humanitarian needs in Bali. We are really looking forward to making a difference in this area.

TTG: What key tourism developments are currently underway in your city as well as across Indonesia? How has tourism developed in the country over the last year?
I am sure everyone already knows about the redevelopment of a resort and golf club in the Tabanan area of Bali. There seems to be grand plans for this project by a consortium that includes Donald Trump.

Apart from this and a couple of other large hotel projects, many other developments seem to be focusing on wellness and the natural environment. It’s about working with nature not destroying it!

TTG: How important is the MENA market to your business?
In business today you cannot afford to ignore any sector. Even though we are not a hotel we want Finns Bali venues to be recognised as great places to complement the MENA market’s visit to Bali. As much as accommodation is important so is the visitor experience, and I believe Finns Bali can enhance their experience as we have unique offerings, such as our Beautiful Beach Club which is a bamboo structure with amazing ocean and sunset views.

Finns Rec Club is the island’s best venue for team building as we have a large field that can be used for many activities, plus a waterpark, trampoline and Ten Pin Bowling centre, all of which are fun and get people moving.

TTG: How do you predict the rest of 2017 will pan out for your business and what plans, initiatives or developments are in place?
We are in the middle of our high season now, so I think all Bali businesses are hoping for a successful few months. If this is the case, we will be looking at further expansion in 2017, particularly with the beach club. In the same time as Bali continues to grow, we cannot forget to consider our environment and its people.

What I have noticed is more businesses are appreciating this now and are giving back to Bali. I really look forward to Bali being a cleaner, greener and more compassionate community.

TTG: Finally, why should tourists choose Indonesia when planning a holiday?
There are such a wide variety of things to do and see. It doesn’t matter what the demographic, everyone can find something to love in Indonesia. One of our hashtags is #somethingforeveryone and I think this is so true!

By: MC Media Group International Global Office Berlin | Editor-in-Chief Werner Kreis

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