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High Five with Green MICE in Taiwan

Dec 12, 2017

Sustainable development has emerged as a common goal among various international organizations and governments, thanks to heightening awareness of environmental protection around the globe.

The MICE industry is no exception. Nowadays, many international meetings and exhibitions pay attention to saving energy and reducing their carbon footprints, prioritizing resource optimization and environmental protection. Taiwan, well known for its dedication to environmental protection, educates and encourages the public, private, and government sectors about the necessity for green MICE, so that local MICE industries can stay connected with global trends and advance towards sustainability.

The Green MICE Project, a subsidiary program of MEET TAIWAN, aims to increase comprehensive green MICE resources and knowledge and to raise awareness of green MICE among local industry professionals. In line with that goal, the Green MICE Guidebook was made. It consolidates comments and advice from professional consultants and organizers, introducing measures such as ISO 20121 and other international standards, as well as carbon neutral concepts. MEET TAIWAN also assists event planners with obtaining Carbon Footprint Verification (CFV) and ISO 20121 (Event Sustainability Management System) certification, and with applying green approaches to conferences and exhibitions.

Promotional events are held to advocate green MICE, where experiences and best practices are shared. Subsidies and international certifications are awarded to recognize key stakeholders in the green MICE industry. Such services provide a solid understanding of and means to comply with green MICE in Taiwan.

In addition to MEET TAIWAN's green MICE efforts, MICE industry players also leverage their technological advantages to support the initiative. Aside from improving real-time exhibition services through mobile apps and Beacon, green MICE buildings are also a distinguished feature of Taiwan's MICE ecosystem. For example, the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 was certified as the first “green building” in Taiwan, and the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center boasts designs that include thermal adjustments, natural lighting, and thermal energy recycling services.

Taiwan has long been devoted to promoting and implementing green MICE. In 2016, Taiwan won the UFI Sustainable Development Award, a recognition showing the global MICE industry that Taiwan pays attention to the environment. In the future, Taiwan will continue with its efforts to reduce the environmental impact of MICE activities and make the industry more sustainable.



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