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Córdoba Tourism Agency Obtains UNWTO.QUEST Certification

Feb 07, 2019

The Córdoba Tourism Agency (Agencia Córdoba Turismo) has received the World Tourism Organization’s UNWTO.QUEST Certification, whereby the specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for the promotion of responsible, sustainable and accessible tourism for all, promotes the strengthening of the institutional capacities of destination management organizations (DMOs) and public-private integration in destinations.

The destination management organization Córdoba Tourism Agency, responsible for organizing, guiding, promoting, and coordinating tourism activity and its development in the Province of Córdoba, Argentina, has obtained UNWTO.QUEST Certification in recognition of its excellence and quality in strategic leadership, management and governance in destination management.

During the implementation of the UNWTO.QUEST programme, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), through the UNWTO Academy, worked with the Córdoba Tourism Agency in an evaluation process to ensure compliance with the stringent criteria and standards of UNWTO.QUEST Certification, thus contributing to the competitiveness and sustainability of the province of Córdoba as a tourism destination.

The awarding of the UNWTO.QUEST Certification confirms the UNWTO’s commitment to its Member States in key areas of tourism destination management and highlights once again the importance and success of public-private collaboration as well as horizontal and vertical cooperation in institutional governance.

“This certification recognizes the work of the Córdoba Tourism Agency and is a testament to the UNWTO’s commitment to its Member States in the areas of governance and quality, while helping to strengthen the visibility of the destination at the international level," said UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili.

“The achievements in management quality obtained by each destination in our country, such as this recognition of Córdoba, contribute to the international tourism positioning of Argentina and are the result of constant and comprehensive efforts," said Argentine Minister of Tourism Gustavo Santos. “When we add quality, we give a boost to a productive mechanism that powers more than one million jobs throughout our territory,” he added.

“The recognition we obtained is the result of the efforts of all stakeholders: the public and private sectors, academia and the community. It was earned by everyone involved. At the Córdoba Tourism Agency we understand that the development of the tourism industry is achieved by linking together all actors, and working to enhance the sustainability, competitiveness and quality of the destination,” said the President of the Córdoba Tourism Agency, Julio Bañuelos.

UNWTO.QUEST is a strategic tool aimed at destination management organizations in order to enhance their performance and strengthen their governance and institutional capabilities. 


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