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2019 ICCA country and city rankings: A valuable opportunity to profile your destination!

May 05, 2020

The annual ICCA country and city rankings are one of the most eagerly anticipated reports in the global meetings industry and provides a valuable opportunity to profile your destination as a trusted partner for association meetings.

The public release date of the new 2019 country and city rankings by number of meetings is Tuesday 12 May 2020 at noon (CET). To allow members to prepare the release of their new position in the ICCA 2019 rankings, we release the new figures a couple of days earlier under embargo to members only in the Destination Comparison Tool in My ICCA, on Thursday 7 May. 

On this day, we will send all official ICCA contacts a notification email when the new figures are available. When accessing the new figures before the public release date, we kindly ask you to not publicise any news on the 2019 figures before next Tuesday 12 May at noon (CET), when ICCA will send out a press release to announce the new country and city top 20 rankings by number of international association meetings.

This ensures rankings are published simultaneously, avoiding confusion and allowing time for members to prepare their own news releases.

The public abstract with the full 2019 country and city rankings will be published in mid-June.

Join our webinar on 7 May: “ICCA Global Conversations: 2019 ICCA Statistics – A valuable opportunity to profile your destination!"

  • What is the ICCA Destination Comparison Tool?
  • What is the ICCA Press Database?
  • How can I promote my destination, using the new 2019 ICCA country and city rankings as an angle?
  • How can I make use of ICCA’s profiling opportunities to associations?

On 7 May at 16:00 CET, ICCA’s Marketing Director Mathijs Vleeming and Research Director Marco van Itterzon, will host an “ICCA Global Conversations: 2019 ICCA statistics - A valuable opportunity to profile your destination!” interactive webinar to elaborate on opportunities and how to make the most of your ICCA rankings in your promotional activities.

Aimed at Marketing, PR and Research contacts of ICCA member organisations, the interactive webinar will feature a short presentation and demos of the ICCA Destination Comparison Tool and ICCA Press Database, with plenty of time for Q&A, to answer any questions you might have related to ICCA statistics, the ICCA Press Database and promotional opportunities ICCA provides to all members.

This webinar is open to ICCA members only.

Register here!


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