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PATA and Binumi sign organisational partnership

Jun 11, 2018

The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) is pleased to announce a new organisational partnership with Binumi, a video creation platform that empowers individuals and business to create and share compelling stories that can build opportunity and growth for their business.

PATA CEO Dr. Mario Hardy said, “In order to stay competitive, marketers are increasingly turning to video to broaden their reach, boost conversions and stand out. Our partnership with Binumi provides an opportunity for our members and industry stakeholders to learn how to scale and control their video output. This is especially relevant as PATA looks to expand its training footprint, with a particular emphasis on digital marketing, in both Bangkok and around the world.”

Binumi, a platform that allows individuals and businesses to create and share videos using millions of royalty-free multimedia clips or their own content, is expanding rapidly into new markets and sees the partnership with PATA as the start of a new push into a region where inbound and outbound tourism is on the rise.

“Binumi’s vision is a world where anyone, whether an individual or a global corporation, can easily tell their story through creative videos. With our easy to use tools and platform, businesses are now able to transform their communication and turn their employees into digital brand ambassadors,” said Binumi CEO Anthony Copping. “The Asia Pacific region has a strong cultural history of storytelling so the transition into video storytelling for organisations is a natural progression and one that is going to create endless opportunities for businesses that embrace it.”

Mr. Copping is scheduled to speak at the upcoming 10th PATAcademy-HCD workshop, under the theme ‘Online Video Marketing – How to create engaging online campaigns for brand building and sales’. The training programme will take place on June 25-26, 2018 at the PATA Engagement Hub in Bangkok, Thailand.

As part of the agreement, Binumi is offering the first 10 registered participants complimentary one-year Binumi subscription valued at USD1,000 while all other participants will receive a 50% discount on a one-year Binumi subscription.

The PATAcademy-HCD workshop is ideal for intermediate marketers, entrepreneurs, and government and private sector organisations seeking to grow their business and promote their products, service and destinations through digital marketing strategies.


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