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Global industry leader announced as new IAPCO President

Feb 20, 2018

Mathias Posch, President of International Conference Services Ltd, was elected IAPCO President at the largest-ever IAPCO Annual General Assembly in Tokyo last week, and takes over from outgoing President Jan Tonkin for a two-year term.

Meeting Quality - is more than just a tagline, it is a responsibility - to our clients, to our partners, to each other as well as the industry at large', says Mathias in his first IAPCO presidential message. 'Quality, is more than just a check list, it is an on-going commitment to furthering our abilities and to sharing our best practices with each other - it goes way beyond our membership and it gives us the opportunity to move our industry forward and, in fact, to lead it.'   Mathias goes on to say 'IAPCO is the voice for Professional Congress Organisers in our industry.' His mission over his term as president is to 'keep thinking big, keep innovating and keep strengthening our standing as PCOs'   Key focus areas for the IAPCO Council during his term are:   -      

A strong commitment to the IAPCO Quality mandate and an active industry outreach to communicate it -      

Widening the Association's reach in areas like Asia and Latin America -       Strengthening the networking and collaboration among members and providing new platforms to do so in order for IAPCO to grow further -      

Reaching out to new emerging markets and becoming more inclusive as an association to support the ongoing development in the industry and help raise quality and standards as a whole.  

By: MC Media Group International Global Office Berlin | Editor-in-Chief Werner Kreis

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