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TCEB organises Thailand MICE Forum 2017

Sep 24, 2017

Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization), or TCEB organises Thailand MICE Forum 2017 to share the industry with market insights and visions towards the sustainability goals. Creating a phenomenon with series of informative events for MICE industry, the forum features four key activities which showcase the bureau’s strategies and plan, MICE awards, a seminar on sustainable MICE events, and a platform to network with experts and TCEB's overseas market representatives.

Mr. Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya, President of TCEB said that “With the establishment of TCEB’s 20-year vision, the bureau works towards into leading organisation that develops MICE industry as a mechanism for Thailand’s economic development. The initiative aimed at creating stability, distributing prosperity to all sectors through the use of innovation, and creating sustainability by implementing principles from the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy.   Guided by this long-term vision, four key strategies are developed to drive the country's MICE industry towards stability and sustainability goals.”

Direction and key activities under these strategies are: (1) Growing in parallel with the development of the country, which focuses on keeping the current market and finding new markets.  The targeted industries under the Thailand 4.0 policy include food, agriculture, biotechnology, public health and wellness, as well as other potential industries such as energy, transport, communications, entertainment, etc.  To enhance MICE activities for these sectors, TCEB will conduct the MICE events calendar that is categorised by MICE Cluster Theme, together with series of activities to drive the use of innovation and elevate the business events into SMART MICE THAILAND.

Growing in a high potential market, focusing on the regions that have high growth and strong connection with the development of Thailand’s economy. Under the strategy, primary regions are ASEAN, Asia, and the CLMV/GMS; secondary regions are Europe, America and Oceania; while other potential regions are Eastern Europe and Latin America. Activities outlined for targeted markets in these regions include participating in international trade shows, organising road show events, appointing representatives offices, and reinforcing promotion activities to enhance targeted sectors in these areas. In addition, the bureau is creating MICE Intelligence & MICE Innovation unit which will gather information, analyse market directions, and help develop business plans for operators in the private sector to improve competitive capabilities. (3) Growing with equality, by increasing the opportunities for the MICE industry growth as well as maximising the competence of MICE Cities and high potential cities namely: Songkhla, Chiang Rai, and Udonthani.  The development will be enhanced through activities such as Thailand Domestic MICE Mart, Luangprabang-Indochina-Mawlamyine Economic Corridor (LIMEC) International Conference, workshops in special Economic Zones, and key events under the government's Super Cluster Policy that help establishing local identities such as Halal Festival in Had Yai and E-San Silk Festival. And (4) growing strongly, by strengthening MICE Industry through development.  Example of the bureau's success story is the initiative of Thailand MICE Venue Standard which was developed into ASEAN MICE Venue Standard. The campaign establishes the international standard of convention and exhibition venues in the regional level. Besides, TCEB is strengthening the organisation by developing the internal system to better support the industry in the future.

“Building on the groundwork that comprised of communications, vision, and policy, together with the integration and collaboration of all sectors, TCEB creates the Thailand MICE Forum 2017 – a week of MICE activities to showcase the country's business events industry and open the platform for stakeholders to share visions, exchange knowledge, and network with alliances from different industries. The event consists of four main activities which being held during 4th -5th September 2017 at the Plaza Athénée Bangkok, A Royal Méridien Hotel.

On 4th September, 1) MICE SYMPOSIUM 2017 is a platform for TCEB to announce the annual performance of the fiscal year 2017 and deliver the plan for the next fiscal year. 2) MICE Awards 2017, is an event to reward and honour MICE professionals and organisations which devoted their efforts to support Thailand MICE industry and attracted international MICE events to take place in the country.  On 5th September, 3) MICE SUSTAINABILITY FORUM 2017 focuses on how to incorporate the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into the event management business. 4) MEET THE REP: Meetings & Incentives, is a seminar that encourages the knowledge exchange. It provides opportunities for MICE entrepreneurs to get updated with marketing trends and network with TCEB’s representatives from overseas. 

The MICE Forum 2017 is being held under the theme, Drive – Change – Inspire – Innovation, The idea represents the transformation of the MICE industry towards the prosperity, driven by innovation and creativity which are incorporated in a sustainable event,” said Mr. Chiruit

TCEB expects that in the fiscal year 2018, there will be a total of 30.1 million MICE travellers in Thailand, generating revenue of 174 billion baht, separated into 1,192,000 international MICE visitors, generating revenue of 112 billion baht, and 29 million domestic MICE travellers, generating 62 billion baht in revenue. TCEB aims to drive the MICE industry to be a key player in creating prosperity, distributing income to the regions through the MICE industry, and creating strength and sustainability for the economy of the country. 



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